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OTI - Capacity development of women in LGAs

The Sri Lanka One Text Initiative is dedicated “To generating inclusive discourse and knowledge on critical political and socio-economic development issues that ensure respect for diversity and pluralism in Sri Lanka” and modalities based on the ‘Shared Values’ to which we subscribe.

Founded in 2003, the One-Text Initiative (OTI) is an independent, multi-party political platform for facilitating structured dialogues at the National, Provincial and District levels. Its key focus is to build consensus towards a democratic political solution to the ethnopolitical conflicting situation and the issues related to post-war reconciliation to ensure political and socio-economic stability in Sri Lanka. The initiative is owned and driven by Sri Lankan Political stakeholders themselves. The OTI has, over the years, created a sustained political space and time-tested processes for inclusive political dialogue. It has garnered the highest level of trust of political stakeholders owing to the professional and responsible manner in which information is handled and disseminated. Moreover, around the OTI dialogue table, all stakeholders are equal despite their constituency strengths or the posts they hold in the Parliament, Cabinet or any other body and are bounded by Chatham House Principles. Their engagement with each other in the OTI process is guided by ‘shared Values & Principles’ and is supported by qualified facilitators appointed with the unanimous agreement of the parties themselves; technical inputs from subject experts; capacity development of political stakeholders and quality research, both empirical & action, which are hallmarks of the OTI Process.For nearly a decade now, OTI has been a regular and established meeting place for cross-party political actors to find a middle ground to their competing interests for developing consensual policy options (‘one-text’ documents) aimed at promoting a national policy framework for creating unity in diversity through state building, democratic governance, adherence to the rule of law, human rights and sustained economic growth.