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Capacity Development for Local Government

Building on prior experience and expertise, UNDP works with multiple stakeholders and institutions to adopt a bottom-up approach to support public engagement and strengthen local government service delivery and infrastructure through the project titled 'Capacity Development for Local Government (CDLG)'. The project is part of a larger endeavour supported by the European Union's 'STRIDE' programme to promote reconciliation in conflict affected Provinces.

Key Outcomes

  1. To improve local planning and service delivery, the project will identify capacity development needs of the local government authorities to develop tools to enhance participatory, gender responsive and accountable service provisions. It will further review and support the improvement of data management capacities in each of the Provinces.
  2. To enable local governance systems to be innovative and inclusive to address multidimensional challenges by creating a space for collaborative co-creation with a range of stakeholders. The project will support annual learning sessions along with online platforms that will be developed to share information and support peer to peer learning.
  3. To strengthen the ability of Central and Provincial institutions to support local government authorities to deliver better by issuing regulations to institutionalize good practices. This includes working closely with Ministries to issue guidelines to improve efficiency.